Music For Ballet Class

by Lisa Harris

Music for Relaxation

One day while visiting friends on the island of Ibiza, the thought occurred to me to release a record for no other purpose than pure listening and relaxing pleasure, and Alma Classic Choices was born…

For Alma — Volume 8

For Alma

The word alma is Spanish for the soul and the spirit. Listen to this album as a way to relax and bring yourself in touch with the day. A compilation of 46 of my favorite pieces, this CD offers over an hourís worth of soothing music.

Compact Disc $20

Water Dance (Adagio) —Volume 12

Water Dance

Excellent for stretching, pas de deux, yoga, or just relaxing while driving. Thirty-four tracks with lots of Gershwin, classical themes from Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Liszt, plus jazz standards, opera favorites, and more. Beautifully recorded on a seven-foot Yamaha grand piano, this is one CD youíre sure to enjoy!

Compact Disc $20

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